Cop Keeps His Job After Slapping 58-Year-Old Man For Being Homeless

A South Florida police officer was recorded Sunday afternoon slapping a 58-year-old man for nothing other than being homeless.

The Fort Lauderdale police officer Victor Ramirez was recorded grabbing Bruce Laclair, who CNN affiliate WSVN explains is homeless. The officer allegedly tried to manhandle Laclair for being a homeless man near a bus terminal.

Ramirez was actually off-duty at the time. He saw Laclair sleeping on a public bench and was so enraged by his homelessness that he decided to do some off-duty policing.

The homeless-beating cop admits “I grabbed Laclair and arrested him for trespassing after warning,” the report says. But he was not trespassing. He was in public, sleeping on a bench that was not on private property.

The video shows it all. Laclair pulls away from the officer who grabbed him. Laclair doesn’t grab him again or even read him his rights. Instead, he slaps him in the face, apparently to “teach him a lesson.”

Ramirez barks “I’m not f***ing around with you. Don’t f***ing touch me.” But Laclair handn’t touched him, as the video clearly reveals.

“The video is concerning,” Fort Lauderdale police Capt. Francis Sousa acknowledged.

We asked the department whether or not Victor Ramirez will keep his job. For now, he’s suspended, but he is keeping his job and his pay for the foreseeable future.

“We realize what the perception of the video [is]. However, we ask that the public be patient and allow the process to play itself out. The Broward County State Attorney’s Office is going to investigate this first, and upon completion of that, we’ll conduct our own thorough and unbiased investigation.”

Did you hear that? The State investigating the State is “unbiased.”

“He’s evil. I don’t know what his problem is,” Laclair said to a local TV station about the officer who abused him. “For the way he treated me, I think he should be out of the force. He should not be a law enforcement officer. He’s not like the rest of them.”

(Article by Jackson Marciana)