Cop Followed Family Home And Held Them At Gun Point, For Literally ‘No Reason’

A federal lawsuit was recently filed, alleging that the San Jose police department racially profiled an African American family, followed them home and held them at gun point, for literally “no reason.”

Among those held hostage by the San Jose officer, was a 7-year-old child.

The family is accusing the officer racially profiling, according to The San Jose Mercury News

Emmanuel Stephens, his wife, Jasmine Whitley, and their daughter were returning home from the girl’s school, when Officer Alexander Keller began following them.

The lawsuit alleges that Officer Keller followed the family, stalking them all the way to their house, where he proceeded to jump out of his patrol car, draw and aim his weapon at them.

Stephens was then placed in handcuffs and the officer threatened to send their 14-year-old child to Juvenile Hall if she recorded the incident with a smart phone.

All of this is quite obviously illegal on many levels. From start to finish, nearly everything Officer Keller did was against the law.

The lawsuit further alleges that Keller and other officers illegally searched their vehicle without probable cause.

The officers thought they hit the jackpot when they found a tiny bit of marijuana. They even cited Whitley for it, even though a valid prescription for medical marijuana was produced.

The marijuana was 100% legal.

Police informed the family that they had received calls about “suspicious black man with a purple backpack.”

Stephens, however, didn’t have a purple backpack. Skin color was used as the only criteria for stalking this family.

Attorney Paul B. Justi says “what happened to my clients happens all the time and is a real problem. This type of police misconduct only gets attention when someone ends up dead, but this type of non-lethal harassment is much more widespread and also need to be brought to light and stopped.”

(Article by M. David and Jackson Marciana)