Cop Fired After Video Proves He Choked A Woman With His Knee On Her Neck, Until She Passed Out

A Denver police officer who was caught on CCTV video choking a woman until she passed out, has been fired. The video clearly documents him pushing his knee into a woman’s throat for so long that she lost consciousness.

Former officer James Medina was a 16-year veteran of the force, but now he’s shopping for a new department, according to the Denver Post.

The incident was recorded when officers were called to the scene of a “sick and intoxicated” man. That man was Seryina Trujillo’s boyfriend. Officer claim that she was preventing them from taking her boyfriend to a detox facility. So they took her to jail… and then they choked her until she passed out… with Officer Medina’s knee to her throat.

Trujillo was handcuffed and in the back of the squad car, but a disciplinary report claims that while she was in transit, she spit on the face of Officer Cheryl Smith and kicked Officer Medina in the head. None of that was caught on video, but whether that is true or not, Medina followed by punching her in the face… that much he admits straight away.

But while they were busy charging Trujillo with assault, interference and resisting arrest, they decided to assault her some more when she didn’t take off her belt quickly enough for Officer Medina’s liking.

In the holding cell Medina told her he needed her belt and shoes. When she hesitated, he freaked out and attacked her.

Medina eventually did take her shoes… off of her limp, unconscious body.

To watch the video of the incident below…

The Denver Post quotes the disciplinary report, saying that Medina used “inappropriate force when he engaged in a physical struggle” with Trujillo.

The department says he “did not prepare a Use of Force Report,” and refused to get her medical assistance even though she was unconscious.

This was not the first time that Officer Medina found himself in trouble for such brutality. He has faced nine such disciplinary actions during his tenture.

(Article by Jackson Marciana)