Cop Caught On Video Handcuffing Child Then Slapping Him in the Face Repeatedly

A Sandoval County deputy was caught on camera repeatedly slapping a teen in the face. Now, that deputy is facing charges.

Former deputy Fred Switzer, 70, along with another deputy, physically restrained a boy in their patrol car after he went to a court appearance.

Deputy Switzer slapped the boy four times, in the video, after the boy mouths off to him, and apparently spits on him.

Officials say that Switzer has been charged criminally for the assault.

Watch the video below…

The prosecutor says that Switzer was charged with a count of battery.

This charge is only a petty misdemeanor, but if convicted, Switzer could end up behind bars for 6 months as well as having to pay a $500 fine.

Switzer was fired as a result of this video, after having been with the department for eight years.

Before that Switzer was an Albuquerque Police Department lieutenant. It is unclear whether he will look for another job in law enforcement.

(Article by Jackson Marciana)