Columbus Cop Reinstated After ‘Curb-Stomping’ Handcuffed Man

A Columbus, Ohio police officer has been reinstated even though he was caught on video stomping on the head of a handcuffed man who was lying face down on the pavement.

The Columbus Division of Police announced that Zachary Rosen, who was fired in July 2017, has been reinstated to the force, reported WCMH-TV.

Last year, a bystander caught Rosen on cell phone video stomping on the man’s head, causing it to smash against the pavement.

Watch the local news report with video of the assault:

Shortly after the video surfaced, Columbus Mayor Ginther said the officer’s actions were not in line with the training of the police department or with the values of the community.

The incident was then reviewed by the department. A Sergeant, Lieutenant, and a Commander all said that Rosen was not out of line with his vicious assault. Because of the outrage, Police Chief Kim Jacobs recommended a 3-day suspension for Officer Rosen, but of course no criminal charges.

The Director of Public Safety Ned Pettus decided to fire the officer, who is obviously not able to handle being a law enforcement officer.

WCMH-TV also reported that Rosen was also one of two officers involved in the June, 2016 shooting death of Henry Green, but as expected, he will not face charges for that either.

Mayor Ginther released the following statement in response to the arbitration decision to overturn the termination of officer Rosen:

We disagree with the decision of the arbitration of Columbus Police Officer Zach Rosen. We believe the Public Safety Director’s decision for termination was the correct one. However, we respect and will abide by the legally-binding arbitrator’s decision.

The details and timing of his reinstatement are being determined by Police Chief Kim Jacobs.”