Colorado Man Who Plead Guilty To Hate Crime Kills Himself

A Colorado veteran who recently pleaded guilty to a hate crime against a mosque made the decision to end his own life.

Joseph Giaquinto, a 36-year-old former Army medic, was found dead on Saturday at a Motel 6, reported The Coloradoan.

Giaquinto joined in the anti-Islamic spirit brought on by the new Trump administration and attacked the Islamic Center of Fort Collins in March. He threw around the outdoor furniture and tossed rocks through the center’s windows. Showing his hatred is at least partially fueled by a lack of education, he also threw a Bible into the mosque’s prayer hall, which is a strange thing given the Quran teaches the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus are from God.

He pleaded guilty, after being caught on security video, and was convicted in December on felony criminal-mischief and hate crime charges. Giaquinto was sentenced to 3 years of wellness court and 6 months of work release, on Thursday.

Giaquinto received the wellness-court sentence in lieu of jail time so that he could get treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. His counsel also claimed that Giaquinto abused alcohol.

Despite his guilty plea, Giaquinto claimed his attack was a crime of convenience rather than a hate crime, since he lived close to the mosque. Of course, the fact that he brought a bible with him to throw through the window seems to contradict his claim.

Tawfik Aboellail, president of the Islamic center, released a statement sharing his condolences to Giaquinto and his family:

“As our prophet taught us by example, we grieve the loss of Mr. Giaquinto’s life as we sincerely hoped he would have gotten the help he needed and deserved,” Aboellail said. “Our thoughts are with his family and we hope that they might find peace and comfort.”