Colombian Police Deal With Machete-Wielding Man Without Firing a Single Shot

What if police in the United States dealt with the mentally ill and even intoxicated members of society without defaulting to violence?

Police throughout the U.S. claim that this is simply not an option. If they see a weapon of any sort, they simply have to execute violence rather than worry about deescalating and disarming without resorting to these extremes.

But in eras past that was not always the case. Police assessed whether someone was “crazy” or drunk, or had some other problem where it was clear they were looking for attention and not really trying to do harm to anyone.

In the video below it is obvious to anyone that the man wielding a machete was not really trying to hurt anyone, even though he was clearly menacing people.

Instead of defaulting to violence or gun fire, the police blocked off the area and patiently dealt with the man without firing a single shot.

Radio Ecuamerica presented the video “Policias vs Borracho” (Cops vs. Drunk), which quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of shares throughout Latin America.

Watch the video below…

Police in the United States, please take note… though we all know you probably won’t.

(Article by M. David)