Chicago Cop Arrested After Sucking On Handcuffed Suicidal Suspect’s Toes, Sexually Assaulting Him At Hospital

A Chicago police officer was arrested and held on $200,000 bail after allegedly sexually assaulting a suicidal man being held at the hospital on Feb 3.

According to prosecutors, officer Carlyle Calhoun, 46, faces multiple charges after sexually assaulting the patient twice while he was being held at the hospital.

The unnamed victim was being held on a misdemeanor charge when he reported feeling suicidal, so Calhoun and another officer drove him to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, reported The Kansas City Star.

With the suspect chained to the bed and the other officer away getting food, Calhoun began giving the man “relationship advice” before massaging the victim’s feet and sucking his toes, reported The Chicago Sun-Times.

Calhoun then allegedly grabbed the restrained man’s genitals and took a picture with his phone, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Ahmed Kosoko.

Calhoun escorted his victim to the restroom when the other officer returned. The officer allegedly performed oral sex on the suspect before they returned to the hospital room.

The victim reported the abuse to hospital staff when the officers left and they took swabs that contained DNA matching Calhoun’s, reported the Associated Press.


Given the DNA evidence, Calhoun was placed in a desk job, but was not formally charged until Tuesday.

Calhoun is charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and official misconduct. He is expected to be suspended without pay.