Cellphone Video Catches Cop Car Running Over 6-Year-Old Boy On Scooter

A disturbing cell phone video has captured the chaotic scene that ensued after police ran over a 6-year-old boy riding his scooter.

Janet Martinez ran to the street, where she had heard her son had been run over by the police.

“The kids came running to my house and told me my son just got run over by a police officer,” she recalled.

Eye-witnesses claim that the officer was “speeding” when young Antoine was struck.

“He was speeding you know, in a neighborhood where the kids were riding bikes,” Antoine’s grandmother said to local reporters.

Another eye-witness, neighbor Urusla Arocha said, “he was literally under the car stuck.”

The police claim that they were assaulted by members of the community, as a result of this negligence.

“A parent who sees their child in distress, they are going to move into attack mode. So they did throw a few punches at the police officer,” City of Miami Police Major Delrish Moss said.

Antonine is expected to be alright, in spite of having a broken leg, hip and other internal injuries and bruising.

The Free Thought Project notes that, “on average, according to the report, one person every day is killed during a high-speed chase… To put this into perspective, that’s larger than the number of people killed by floods, tornadoes, lightning and hurricanes — combined.”

That government itself reports that over 5,000 bystanders and passengers have been killed – even while police are chasing other people – since 1979.

There have been tens of thousands of additional injuries, but the media almost never reports on it.

Watch the video below…

(Article by M. David and S. Wooten; h/t to The Free Thought Project)