He Caught A Cop Shoplifting, Now He’s Being Fired For Reporting It

Shoplifting, reenacted above, is on the rise on military installations island-wide despite AAFES attempts to deter theft by installing an upgraded camera system capable of recording to DVR and placing Electronic Article Surveillance gates at the entrances and exits of the facilities. Shoplifting can often result in a revenue shortfall and inventory shortage, as well as rising cost of merchandise for the military consumer.

A Target security guard was recently fired for reporting a sheriff’s deputy for shoplifting.

According to a the Washington Post report, Dallas Northington worked security for Target in Northern Virginia for almost eight years with no complaints from his employer.

That was before he was abruptly fired. He says the reason for his termination was because he reported a thieving sheriff’s deputy.

Northington spoke with his supervisor about a man who had stolen a tube of toothpaste after paying for other items. The supervisor explained, however, that “didn’t feel comfortable” stopping the man. Why? He says it was because he “thought [he] was some sort of law enforcement.”

Northington’s supervisor showed the store manager security footage of the shoplifter. The manager said that he knew the man and said to wait for him to go talk to him and then return to the store.

Eleven days later, the same man came back.

“That time, according to Northington, video appeared to show the man with a cart full of items at the pharmacy register inside the store but paying just for about half of them while concealing the cart from the cashier,” the Post reported. “After checking out, Northington said, the man wheeled away and stashed the rest of his merchandise, which Northington could not see, into the bags of purchased items and left.”

Following the store’s typical protocol, Northington went to the Leesburg, Virginia Police Department to file a police report, but only after his supervisor had called in the shoplifting.

Northington said that he received a two-day suspension. The very next week he was fired, for “gross misconduct.”

“In my eight years, I’ve never had to call anyone to give out the video or to call police,” Northington said. “I have never seen any policy about contacting law enforcement.”

The man who allegedly shoplifted has apparently been terminated from the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Department, but the Associated Press said that he might have retired voluntarily.

(Article by James Achisa)