Cannibal Cop Smiles In Court Room As He Receives Only Eight Years In Prison

He was caught red handed, having killed, “prepared” and eaten nearly all of a victim who he claims was “willing.” A 50-minute long video, recorded while listening to pop music, clearly documents the cannibal ex-police officer Detlef Guenzel slicing Polish-born Wojciech Stempniewicz into small pieces after having strangled him to death.

Now, the former cop is facing only eight years in prison for cannibalizing a man who he met on an internet site in Germany

Guenzel can hardly deny what he did, as the video shows him strangling the victim with a rope tied to a pulley. But the defense argued that the victim, Stempniewicz wanted to die, and for this reason the former cop should be sparred a harsh sentence.

Guenzel ‘was found guilty of murder and disturbing the peace of the dead,’ presiding judge Birgit Wiegand said at the regional court in the eastern city of Dresden.

Neighbors said the former police officer was “friendly”, “generous” and “polite.”

In Germany, the maximum murder sentence is 15-years, but the former cop received special treatment in this case. The defense said that the victim “wanting to die” should be cause for lenient sentencing. They ignored the obvious egregious nature of the act the former officer committed, and what this indicates about other similar cases which he might have been involved but not caught in. As well, the mental health of the victim was not taken into account.

Lawyers describe the video of the killing and “preparation” as “absolutely horrific” and “beyond belief.” All of it took place over four hours, but the video was edited to 50 minutes of Guenzel killing and “preparing” the body, while psychotically listened to pop music.