Buffalo Resident Calls Police on Black Kids Playing Football, Cops Show up and Join The Game

A Buffalo officer decided to turn an annoying nuisance call into a positive experience.

Police Officer Patrick McDonald is being praised because he joined a group of African American teens playing football instead of shooting them.

After a noise nuisance call came in about kids playing ball in the streets, McDonald walked from his car immediately asking the kids “Where are we lining up?”

Videos of the game have gone viral, especially the video that shows his response after making an excellent catch.

“Do you guys want me to file a police report, because you just got robbed?!” he said. The officer then pulled away in his cruiser, reported Buffalo News.

Videos have been and celebrated by Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown who called it “Community policing at its best.”

“I applaud Officer Patrick McDonald for turning a nuisance call into a positive experience for the community,” Brown continued. “I am proud that he is on the force & thank him for setting an example of why we truly are The City of Good Neighbors.”

Officer McDonald said he didn’t play with the boys for any kind of attention he just wanted to have fun and build a relationship with the citizens he’s tasked with protecting.

“It helps break down the barrier, this ‘us versus them’ barrier,” he said. “And, at the same time, it shows that police officers empathize with the general public, and that we have a lot of common interests, like playing football.”

One of the young men in the video shared it with the hashtag #NotAllCopsAreBadIGuess. McDonald scored the Citizen of the Month award after the incident.

Check out some of the videos below.

Posted by Tasha Fields on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

(Article By James Carter)

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