Brooklyn Cops Accused Of Raping Prisoner Will Have Departmental Trial After Refusing To Answer Internal Affairs Questions

Because the 2 officers refused to answer any questions from internal investigations, the NYPD has decided to internally try 2 Brooklyn cops accused of raping a prisoner before their criminal trial takes place.

Officers Edward Martins, 37,  and Richard Hall, 32, have been charged with raping and kidnapping an 18-year-old woman they arrested for drug possession in Brooklyn on Sept. 15, reported The NY Daily News.

Both officers, who have been demoted because of the incident, claim they had consensual sex in the back of a police van with the teenager they arrested, but the teen says she was raped.

Typically, police departments do not take action before the trial because officers answer questions from Internal Affairs. Anything they tell IA cannot be used in their criminal case.

But Martins and Hall elected not to answer any questions in their Internal Affairs interviews, so the NYPD set a Tuesday date in the department’s trial room.

“They know they’re f**ked,” one source told NY Daily News.

Their lawyers, who advised them not to talk to Internal Affairs, did not comment on the departmental trial.

They have previously attacked the character of the woman who made the accusations against the officers, suggesting that the sex was consensual because she posted a provocative selfie on social media.

The woman’s attorney Michael David said they wanted the officers fired as soon as it happened.

“We’ve always called for their firing from the time this thing happened,” David said. “We felt they should have been fired immediately.

“(My client is) upset they are still out on bail,” he added. “She thinks this whole thing sends a very bad message.”

The officers pleaded not guilty to a 50-count indictment that includes rape, criminal sex act, kidnapping and official misconduct charges.

Martins is free on $250,000, Hall on $150,000 bail.

(Article By James Carter)