Boston Cops Taunt And Bully Innocent Black Man For Walking

A Boston police officer was captured on video harassing a black man simply for walking down the street.

The cop asked him unnecessary questions about his employment, then mocked him as a “contributor” to society.

On the video from WorldStar Hip Hop, the unidentified black man says he was walking to his barber to get a haircut and noticed two plainclothes Boston police officers watching him from their vehicle, so he started recording with his phone.

An officer asked the man’s name several times, “You look like some we want to speak to. You’re not Kevin?”

After the man refuses to give his name, both officers exit the vehicle in an attempt to intimidate the innocent man. They proceeded to question him, asking where he lives and what he is doing walking down the street.

“Why are you bothering me?” the man asks the officer who then takes out his phone to take a picture of video of the man, snidely asking, “Your parents proud of you for flipping off the police?”

As the man starts walking away, the officer sarcastically adds, “Have a great day, contributor. What are you doing for work, anything?”

The officer then tells him, “Go away. Go away, tough guy.”

Watch the video of the encounter below: