Bodycam Video Shows Texas Police Violently Assaulting Unarmed Man After A Seizure

Body camera video was recently released of police violently assaulting a man not long after he had a seizure. Fort Worth, Texas police were caught punching and kneeing the man as he laid on the ground with his face smashed into the street.

The video shows police holding down Forrest Curry with his face on the road, next to the curb. When he asks why he is being detained, an officer punches him a couple times as another cop knees him in the stomach.

“Why? I didn’t do nothing to ya’ll,” Curry yells as he is assaulted.

Curry had a seizure and collapsed before police arrived, and he was disoriented when he awoke, reported ABC News.

One of the officers tells Curry they are trying to help him by beating him, “We’re trying to get you help,” the officer said.

Police pointed out that Curry acted erratically as they attacked him.

“The body camera video provides insight into the erratic behavior and active resistance presented by Mr. Curry,” Fort Worth Assistant Police Chief Charles Ramirez said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Police responded to the medical call when Curry allegedly became combative with Fort Worth Fire Department officials who were on the scene to assist with his seizure.

What police ignore and failed to mention is that, according to The American Academy of Neurology, disorientation and aggressive behavior are associated with seizures.

Fire department workers initially said Curry was drunk, and medical officials guessed he had been using K-2, synthetic marijuana. Neither are legitimate excuses to hold a man down in the street and assault him.

Bystander video was also released shortly after the incident by the Next Generation Action Network (NGAN), a community organization in the Dallas area:

NGAN led a rally on Tuesday, calling out violent Fort Worth police for this incident and others.

Curry was arrested but has been released on bond.

Curry’s attorney, Jasmine Crockett, said Curry’s head was left swollen by the punches. He also underwent brain scans to check for a concussion, but the results were not yet available.

“Unfortunately, it seems the Fort Worth Police Department has a culture of violating the rights of people of color,” Crockett said in a statement. “We will work tirelessly to determine exactly how this incident occurred and to address it in the most efficient manner possible.”

The names of the officers have not been released.

Watch the bodycam footage below via ABC News: