Body Cam Video Released Of Mesquite Officer Shooting Unarmed Man In The Back 2 Times

Prosecutors showed body camera video during the trial of a former Mesquite police officer who shot an innocent, unarmed man in the back 2 times.

Derick Wiley faces a charge of aggravated assault by a public servant for the shooting of Lyndo Jones for sitting in his own truck, reported Fox 4.

The incident happened last November, when Wiley responded to a call about a man in a truck with the alarm going off. Wiley arrived and immediately drew his gun and screamed command rather than find out if it was the man’s truck.

Prosecutors said Wiley acted unreasonably from the time he got the call by turning down backup and approaching Jones with his gun drawn as he yelled commands.

Jones was compliant, even laying face-down on the wet ground, until Wiley jammed his knee into a pressure point in his back.

Wiley shot Jones 2 times as he tried to get away. All charges were later dropped against Jones.

The video started with Wiley confronting Jones, and immediately threatening to shoot the innocent man:

WILEY: “Open the door! Put your hands up or I will —-ing shoot you! Get out the truck and get on the ground!”

JONES: “It’s wet.”

WILEY: “I don’t give a —– about it being wet! Get on the ground! Put your hands on your head! Turn over! Turn over on your stomach! —-ng turn over!”

WILEY: “Put your hands on your back! Put your hands behind your back! Yes, you can!”

JONES: “What are you doing bro? What are you doing bro? What are you doing man?” [sounds of a struggle and gun fire heard]

WILEY: “451 shots fired! Shots fired!”

The lead Mesquite investigator testified that he believed Wiley intended to shoot Jones from the beginning.

Jurors also hear the conflicting stories Wiley gave regarding a possible weapon.

He told investigators he feared for his life, believing Jones had a gun, but he told officers who arrived on scene that Jones did not have a gun.