Black Students Are ‘Rats’ That Could ‘Infest The Class’: Jacksonville, FL Elementary Teacher

Black students in Jacksonville, Florida have been slandered by this racist elementary school teacher who believes some very wicked lies.  Florida has more than its share of racists, with white supremacists preparing for a race war, a state senator calling coworkers “n***ers”,  other major problems with racism in politics, as well as a plethora of other examples.

An unnamed punishment could be coming for a Florida teacher accused of calling elementary school students “rats” that could “infest the class” and saying “that’s why their race is either dead or in jail,” reported WFTV.

The teacher at Carter G. Woodson Elementary School, Jordan Cataldo, made the remarks in May, as a group of children attempted to re-enter her classroom, and  officials found enough evidence to substantiate further action, the school district said.

Duval County Public Schools said it will “take appropriate action in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement when school resumes for the 2017-2018 school year.”

WJAX attempted to discover what specific punishment could be coming for Cataldo, but the district was elusive in their response.

The school district said, “There was enough evidence reviewed by the district that substantiates further action; however, we cannot elaborate on an action that has yet to be defined.”

The school district’s website has their progressive discipline policy in the collective bargaining agreement. It lists possible punishments, including verbal reprimand, written reprimand, suspension without pay or termination.

Carter G. Woodson parent Tiera Ross outlined Cataldo’s alleged comments back in May.

“They’re only going to amount to be a bunch of ratchet Walmart workers, and also saying that that’s why their race is either dead or in jail,” Ross said.

When WJAX attempted to get Cataldo’s side of the story on Friday, she ran inside and a man who was outside said she was not home.

Ross believes Cataldo should be fired.

“I’m so infuriated inside that I want to cry, but I’m not,” Ross said. “I’m going to be strong enough for my daughter to make sure that the situation is taken care of.”

Watch the news report below:

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)