Black Student Union Demands Charges In Kansas State University Racist Graffiti Prank

Riley County, Kansas police decided not to charge a black man who admitted to vandalizing his own car with racist graffiti in a Halloween “prank”, but the Kansas State University Black Student Union is demanding charges be brought against the man.

On Monday, police released a statement saying that they would not file charges of filing a false report against 21-year-old Dauntarius Williams, who admitted that he was responsible for his car’s vandalism.

Riley County Police said it would “not be in the best interests” of the community, saying Williams was “genuinely remorseful and expressed sincere regret.” They also suggested that people be forgiving toward the young man who simply made a mistake and has learned his lesson after the “Halloween prank that got out of hand.”

His car, parked near Kansas State’s campus in Manhattan, Kansas, was covered in washable yellow paint with slurs like “Go Home Nigger Boy,” “Fuck You Die Dumb Nigger” and “Date Your Own Kind.”

Leaders of the University’s Black Student Union did not support the police department’s decision and requested they reconsider pressing charges against the man.

“The K-State Black Student Union is disheartened that no charges were filed by the Riley County Police Department,” the organization said in a press release. “The fact that an African-American man committed this act should not undermine its effect on K-State students. The conduct of Williams does not negate the current racist and discriminatory actions that continue on campus, community, the state and nation.”

“No matter who wrote the despicable and hateful speech, we, the K-State Black Student Union, will never stand for hate or threatening speech. We urge the Riley County Police Department to strongly reconsider pressing charges,” the statement read.


(Article By James Carter)