Arkansas Man Shoots Himself, Blames Fictitious Black Man, Then His Mom Busts Him

A 20-year-old Arkansas man shot himself and tried to blame it on a fictional black man, but he couldn’t fool his own mother.

The unnamed 20-year-old man from Jonesboro, Arkansas told police that he was shot with his own gun after a struggle with a black man who had tried to take the gun away from him, reported WTVM 9.

The man was admitted to St. Bernards Medical Center to be treated for the wound.

He reported the traditional fake black man to police, saying a “black male wearing all black ran up to him and pulled a gun from his hip area and pointed it at him.” During the struggle over the gun, the black man allegedly fired off a shot and hit him in the hand.

After talking to his mother about the tale, she quickly realized he was lying, and it turns out the man had simply accidentally shot himself.

After she confronted him about his lies, he eventually went to police and admitted that he made up the entire story.

What actually happened was the man shot himself after he started playing with a gun that he found on the ground. His mother explained to police that he “was scared to tell the truth because he doesn’t want to go to jail.”

Fortunately, no innocent black men were killed by police as a result of this false report.