Activists March With Coffins To Dallas Cowboys Game To Protest Police Killings

Activists, including religious leaders, walked with 2 coffins to AT&T stadium before the Sunday night Cowboys game to bring attention to police killings.

Approximately 75 people participated int he march, with the coffins representing the deceased Oshae Terry and Botham Jean, both men who were fatally shot by police in September, 2018, reported Dallas News.

Terry was fatally shot on Sept. 1 by Arlington officers after being pulled over for expired registration and Jean was killed Sept. 6 in his own home by Dallas officer Amber Guyger who claims she thought it was her apartment. Both men were unarmed.

Police recently obtained a search warrant for Jean’s home, even though he was the victim.

The protesters called for Guyger to be fired and charged with murder. She is currently on administrative leave and charged with manslaughter. They also want Dallas to step up and hold police accountable for the police brutality and unwarranted killings.

Rev. Michael Waters, senior pastor at Joy Tabernacle A.M.E. Church in Dallas, called on others to celebrate the life of Jean, a 26-year-old Saint Lucia native.

“In honoring [Jean’s] legacy we stand against any attempt to assassinate his character,” he said. “There must be justice in the living room and justice in the streets.”

Sunday’s march was the latest since Jean’s death. Ralliers have gathered outside Dallas police headquarters, halted a City Council meeting and marched through downtown.


Guyger fatally shot Jean when she allegedly mistook his apartment for her’s. She claimed she thought he was a burglar, and killed the unarmed man when he did not obey her commands.  Differing accounts have been given regarding how she got into the apartment.

The police search warrant claims Jean met his killer at the door, but the Texas Rangers affidavit says he was across the room when she entered his home.