4 Mesa Cops Caught On Video Brutally Beating “Cooperative” Man

Three Mesa officers and a Sergeant are on administrative leave after a video surfaced showing them using excessive force on a “cooperative” man who was “following police instructions.”

Because the officers did not properly report their abusive actions, Mesa Police Chief Ramon Batista did not even know about the May 23 incident until a week after it happened, and he only found out because the surveillance video was sent to him, reported Fox 10 Phoenix.

“I didn’t know anything about this, and the way I learned about this is because a member of the community sent me the video and said, ‘hey, this looks very alarming, and I need you to look at it,'” said Chief Batista. “I examined it, and I immediately opened up an investigation.”

The officers made contact with the man, identified as Robert Johnson, at an apartment complex as he appears to be using his phone.

The officers patted him down, so they were aware Johnson was unarmed. Then they told him to move into the corner, and the officers boxed him in and unloaded on him until he was knocked unconscious and fell to the floor.

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Pastor Andre Miller, along with Attorneys Benjamin Taylor and Joel Robbins, issued a joint statement on the incident, describing Johnson as “cooperative” and “following police instructions”.

“The misconduct of these officers would have gone unnoticed if it had not been captured by surveillance videos at the apartment complex where the assault occurred,” read a portion of the statement. “The Mesa Police Department must develop a law enforcement culture that meets community and constitutional norms and ensures that police and citizens go home safely after police interactions.”

The Mesa police department became famous after an officer executed Daniel Shaver, who was unarmed and innocent, in a hotel hallway. Officer Philip Brailsford, who chose to kill the compliant man, shot him with his AR-15 as Shaver begged for his life. The officer was later found not liable even though he killed a compliant, unarmed, innocent man.