$344,000 Settlement For Former University of Cincinnati Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Man

Former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing not only faces no repercussions for killing an unarmed man, but also he will be paid very well because he was fired for killing the unarmed man.

Tensing will receive nearly $350,000 for back pay and legal fees from the university following the settlement. Tensing filed a grievance with the Ohio police union when he was fired after he fatally shot Sam DuBose in July 2015, reported The Cincinnati Enquirer.

In exchange for $244,230 of back pay and benefits and $100,000 in legal fees, Tensing agreed to resign and not to file a lawsuit against the university.

DaShonda Reid, DuBose’s fiance and the mother of four of his children, was furious at the settlement.

“I’m very upset with UC paying that murderer Tensing,” she told The Cincinnati Enquirer. “He’s officially a paid assassin who has not shown one ounce of remorse for killing an innocent man.”

“To even want compensation [after] murdering an innocent man shows how soulless and callous he is,” Reid added. “UC has now reversed any of the rights they attempted to do by Sam. His blood is not only on Tensing’s hands [and] the justice system, it’s now on UC’s hands.”

Civil rights leader and pastor Bobby Hilton was also disgusted by the settlement.

“After sitting through the trial of Ray Tensing with the family of Samuel DuBose and witnessing lies and blatant acts of racism, the news of Ray Tensing getting a financial settlement is like a nail in the heart,” said Hilton. “However, our trust remains in God that with His help, we may someday obtain truth and justice for all.”

UC President Neville Pinto wrote in an email to students, faculty, and staff concerning the settlement: “this agreement will be difficult for our community,” but he is hopeful “we can focus on supporting each other as members of the same Bearcat family—even, perhaps especially, if we don’t agree.”

Tensing was happy about his settlement.

“I’m satisfied with the settlement agreement with the University of Cincinnati,” Tensing said in a statement Thursday. “This case has caused a lot of strife in the community, and I believe the settlement will allow for healing to continue; it certainly will do that for me after two difficult trials.”

He was not specific on how his money will help him heal after killing an unarmed man.  He also did not give any specifics on how his settlement will help his victim’s children heal as they grow up without a dad.