16-Year Old White Girl Texts Nude of Herself to 17-Year Old Black Boy & Now He’s Charged with Child Pornography

A 17-year-old standout three-sport student athlete at Parkway High School in south Bossier City, Louisiana is being singled out by police because of his relationship with a 16-year-old white student.

Levar Allen is an award-winning wrestler, football and basketball player who has never had problems with police until now.

Levar exchanged naked pictures with a 16-year-old classmate, which is a very common thing among high schoolers these days, reported Shaun King of NY Daily News.

First, she sent Levar a nude video and then he sent her one in return. It may sound strange, but a recent study found that 54% of kids under the age of 18 have done it.

But Levar is black and the “mistake” is that she was a white girl and they lived in a racist area.

Her parents called the police when they discovered the video. Naturally, the police arrested Levar and charged him with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and possession of child pornography for the video he still had on his phone.

When asked if race was a factor in arresting the boy but not the girl who initiated the naked videos, Lt. Bill Davis, who is also white, told KSLA-TV, “I have nothing to say about that. It doesn’t matter what your race, what your religion, what your ethnicity, don’t do child pornography! Plain and simple.”

Civil rights activists say otherwise. They say it’s an obvious example of racism, and argue that both teens are underage (she is 16 and he is 17), that she sent him a video first, that it was consensual, and that this case is “a bogus symptom of the mass criminalization of black folk in the New Jim Crow.”

“In Louisiana, the law states that anyone under the age of 17 found to be sexting any person of any age can be charged with a misdemeanor. It’s not widely prosecuted. If a 17-year-old, even if they are in high school together, does the very same thing, with a 16-year-old, they can be charged with child pornography. The law lacks the nuance it deserves and ultimately criminalizes common youth misbehavior between peers,” reported King.

Of course race has everything to do with Levar Allen being charged with these trumped-up crimes. Millions of American teenagers are doing this exact thing and he was selectively targeted among them, and made an example of, because he crossed a line that clearly irritated not only her white parents but white law enforcement officers as well.

Allen has been released from prison on a $15,000 bond, but still has to face the charges in a court of law. His family says they expect to pay at least $4,000 in legal fees for his case.

These charges need to be dropped and the family should be reimbursed and compensated for their time and mental anguish for these ridiculous charges by racists.

UPDATE: Charges dropped! But they never should have been filed in the first place.