15-Year-Old Seriously Injured As Police Chase Wrong Person, Mother Says He Was ‘Mistaken for someone else’

The mother of an allegedly innocent 15-year-old boy who was seriously injured while being captured by the Metropolitan Police says the police caught her son while letting the real robber get away.

Terrell Decosta Jones-Burton was hospitalized with a split lip, lost teeth, broken jawbone, bruising on the brain and abdominal pain following the incident, reported The Independent.

“We continue to fight and for all those people who had something negative to say and showed prejudiced ways of thinking, I just want to let you know that the truth is coming out and we will win,” the boy’s mother, Shereen Jones, wrote on social media. “Police brutality on black boys has to end.”

As police were chasing the innocent boy, he flew off his bike and slammed into the metal door frame outside a chicken shop.

Witnesses said he was knocked out after the accident.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) is investigating the incident that left the boy severely damaged and hospitalized.

According to a letter sent to Terrell’s family, police received an emergency call reporting the robbery of a mobile phone near Rotherhithe station in south-east London on November, 21.

The description of the suspect was: “black, male, quite chubby, 5ft 9ins to 5ft 11ins, riding a bicycle (black/brown) – approx. 19-20 years old”, and wearing a grey hoodie, black jacket and dark jeans.

The IOPC said officers saw Terrell riding his bike down an adjacent road, so they chased him. But Jones says that description did not fit her son.

“It was mistaken identity,” said Jones. “The description did not match Terrell.”

According to Jones, police told her Terrell will face no charges over the mugging, and the officer who detained him is under investigation, but is still working.