10 Black Women Kicked Off Train and Questioned By Police, FOR LAUGHING During Ride

Nearly a dozen African American women were just detained by police and questioned. What crime were they suspected of? A new hashtag about the incident claims they were #LaughingWhileBlack.

The group of ten women were removed from a train on a wine tour, because it was said that they were “laughing” in a manner that “annoyed” other passengers.

When the book club of friends got off the train, they were met by a group of police officers, who were there to apparently add further insult to the disturbing incident.

No charges were filed, but the police were quick to turn out to humiliate the group, at the request of the racist passengers and tour organizer.

Lisa Renee Johnson was one of the women on the tour.

She posted about the incident to Facebook, saying that it all started when one single lady started to say that she was “annoyed” with their laughter.


The statement that this is “not a bar” is somewhat confusing… since the train was essentially a bar, and was licensed to serve alcohol, which all patrons were consuming.


All of the ten women, and one Caucasian friend, were paraded through the six cars of the train, and handed over to police.

The Napa Valley Wine Train responded to people contacting them, by posting an attack of the women to their own Facebook page, saying they were engaged in “verbal and physical abuse toward other guests and staff,” when they were singled out and aggressed against for laughing.

The Wine Train deleted the post, but not before it was screencapped.


Johnson says a refund is not enough, they are demanding an apology.

“It was humiliating. I’m really offended to be quite honest. I felt like it was a racist attack on us. I feel like we were being singled out,” Johnson said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.

(Article by Shante Wooten; M. David and Jackson Marciana; image via Facebook/Lisa Renee Johnson; h/t to Think Progress)